Consulting Restart Renovation And Design Lehigh Valley Pa

Give us your burning, complex, finicky questions yearning to be answered.

We offer one-on-one consulting to help define the scope and process of your work. Those questions that Google absolutely can’t handle? Project consulting gives you personal access to an expert to get them solved.

Is Consulting For You?

Choose where you want to focus.
Restart Renovation And Design Lehigh Valley Pa Consultation

Before your start, consulting can assist with:

  • Guiding or confirming your design and renovation decisions
  • Answering your personalized questions
  • Offering concrete design and remodel suggestions
Restart Renovation And Design Lehigh Valley Pa Design Consulting

Our process can advise on:

  • Construction and remodel possibilities
  • Renovation order and planning
  • Concerns with scope, budgets and feasibility
  • Floor plan layout
  • Fixtures, finishes and trims
  • Cabinetry and built-Ins
  • Furniture and home decor selection and placement

The Consulting Process


Get In Touch

Contact us and meet Scott and Jessica


Review the Space

In-person or virtual visit–project analysis and home measurement

In Person And Online Design Consulting Lehigh Valley Pa

ReStart offers both In-Person and Online Consulting

A questionnaire is provided before each session, so we can get a sense of your style and hit the ground running.

In-Person Consulting / 2-Hour Session – $700.00
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Online Consulting / 30 minutes Session – $200.00
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Scott and Jessica will both be available to lend their individual expertise and look at how construction, remodeling and design come together on your project.

They guided us through our choices of materials and colors and the results are two stunningly beautiful bathrooms. We feel like we spend every day in a luxury hotel or spa.

—Leonor / Bethlehem, PA

It begins with a complimentary conversation. Get in touch to tell us about your project.