How do you work? What’s the process?

Our process can be found here.

What’s the fee structure?

We take a one-time payment upfront.

How long is the initial consultation meeting?

The in-person consultation is 2-3 hours in your home.

How can I prepare for our first meeting?

You will fill out the initial questionnaire which we will review and then get back in touch with you to set up a time to come to your home. The questionnaire helps us to know what you need assistance with and allows us to prepare for the visit with you.

At your home, we will go over what you detailed in the questionnaire, look at your space and answer any other questions or concerns you might have.

Is it in-person or virtual…or can I decide which I’d prefer?

You can choose in person or virtual! In person would be best for more complex projects/questions and when you just want to have a professional actually in the space to get a better feel for it and what you are looking to accomplish.


How will you figure out my aesthetic?

We work together in a collaborative effort as we go through the initial design phase, narrowing down ideas and selections as we progress. It begins with your idea board, usually on Pinterest, that you share with us as well as our questionnaire about your likes and dislikes.

We go back and forth on your needs and likes and from there we put together inspiration images to create 1-2 design approaches/overall look for you to review and revise. Once we have a solid design approach settled, we get to work on the design creating drawings, design boards, gathering samples and realistic 3d renderings.

What is your service area?

We provide services to the Philly burbs, Lehigh Valley area and North NJ. We are able to provide remote interior design through virtual meetings, mailing you the finish selections and traveling to you for furniture install, if desired.

Will you manage the contractor/builder if we are only working on the design portion together?

We discuss the details of the design with the contractor and hand off the conceptual drawings for them to create their own buildable plans (if needed). We are available if they have any questions but we do not manage them.

What are the big differences between working with a designer at a furniture store and working with Restart?

All of our designs are deeply custom and typically involve floor plan and elevation drawings, cabinetry specifications, detailed finish selections with options and 3d renderings so you can visualize the final result. We can also order all selections and install any furniture and decor on your behalf.

How do you work? What’s the process?

Our Custom Design process can be found here.

What’s the fee structure?

The design phase is two payments—one at start and the other in the middle of the phase before we present to you the mood boards and selections.

Can you help me determine a project budget?

Yes, we can help you with an overall project budget of what you would expect to pay based on what you are looking to have done. You can also download our complimentary Design Service and Investment Guide.

How often do you communicate with me throughout the project?

We are in close communication throughout the Design Process and do occasional check-ins to see how things are going during the remodel. If furnishing installation is included in your design, we will return at the end of construction to install.

Does Restart have a minimum project size?

We do have a two room minimum.

How do I know when I should hire an interior designer?

Renovations and furnishings are expensive and making a mistake can be very costly financially. If you are having trouble putting finishes and/or furniture together, struggling with all the different options and just don’t have the time to think about all that’s involved with putting together a beautiful space—you need an interior designer.


What are the benefits of both construction and design services from the same company?

The benefits is a one stop shop approach to remodeling, one professional company handles all the details of their project from design to finished space. This creates a more efficient process and saves our client’s time and hassle of having to handle details themselves and working with multiple professionals where things might get missed.

Since our designers and contractors work closely together, our designs are buildable and to a homeowners budget. Our contractors understand design and its importance so our projects are carried out as according to design plan.

Will I need to hire an architect or interior designer?

No. Our amazing design team includes interior designers, draftsmen and architects. We handle everything in house.

What is your service area?

For our renovation projects we work in the Philly burbs, Bucks County, Lehigh Valley as well as further North into the Pocono area and North NJ.

Will I have to source any necessary vendors?

No. That’s the beauty of working with a design-build remodeling company—we handle all the details!

What type of materials will be used?

We use mid-range to higher-end materials.

How long can I expect custom cabinetry to last?

It is just like custom made furniture and can last 30+ years.

How do you work? What’s the process?

Our process can be found here.

What’s the fee structure?

We have the design phase and then the construction/remodel phase. The design phase is two payments, one at start and the other in the middle of the phase before we present to you the mood boards and selections.

After selections are made and you’ve approved the design, we submit to you the final proposal for the construction of the project.

Can you help me determine a project budget?

Yes, we will talk with you about what you are looking to accomplish and will give you honest and realistic numbers to do the project from start to finish. To get a better idea of where our projects start and the process, download our complimentary Design + Renovation Service and Investment Guide.

Should we do everything at once? How will we know what to prioritize?

The size of your project will determine whether to do it all at once or break the overall project into phases. We can discuss after we look at your project.

How often do you communicate with me throughout the project?

We pride ourselves on communication and are usually talking to our clients everyday. Scott does have the gift of gab! You will never be left in the dark about what is going on and we welcome your questions.

Does Restart have a minimum project size?

Our smallest projects we take on are powder bathroom remodels.